Monday, 1 August 2011

Rapberry Cordial

Ah! Summers here. The suns in the sky, the days are longer and raspberries are in season. This cordial is easy to make and will keep for months so you can have a little taste of Summer even when it seems far away. You need a lot of raspberries for this so unless you're growing your own go to a pick-your-own farm as it's much cheaper than buying them in the shops, (and if I don't mind quite fun too)! Just top it up club soda and maybe a splash of orange juice for a delicious Summery drink.

Makes 2 & 1/2 bottles
4.4 lb or 2 kg of raspberries
7 & 1/2 cups or 1.5 kg of sugar

1. Put the raspberries and 4 cups or 1l of water in a saucepan until the raspberries disintergrate and the water turns bright red.

2. Place all of the sugar in and boil for a minute then pour into sterilized bottles. It will keep unopened in a cool dark place for months but once opened keep it in the fridge.

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