Sunday, 31 July 2011

Roast Plum Sorbet

This is a really good recipe, (although it's more of an idea really), for using up plums if you have a glut of them. It's rather fragrant and nicely tart and has a wonderful pastel pink colour.

Serves 4-5
1/2 cup or 100g cane sugar
4.4 lb or 2kg red and yellow plums

1. Fit the plums in a roasting tin so they sit snugly and sprinkle them with the sugar.

2. Put them under the grill until they're bubbling and slightly charred on top.

3. Now mash them lightly with a potato masher and pour off the juice into a pan. Place the pulp in a juicer/coulis maker or force through a sieve to remove the pips and skin.

4. Reduce the juice by half and mix with the puree. At this point add any extra sugar if you think it needs it and churn in an ice cream.

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